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Empower Energy Corp Provides
Solar PV Solutions to Western Canada


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Installed Over 1,247,120 Watts of Solar

Empower Energy Provides


Every solar system is unique. Empower Energy will design a system to best suit your needs. Grid-tied and off-grid systems are available.


Empower Energy will supply all the components required to install your turn key solar PV system. We also retail bare solar modules and other solar PV components for contractors and DIY.


Empower Energy’s team of qualified Electricians will install your solar PV system to the highest standards while meeting or exceeding all applicable codes and regulations.


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About Us

Empower Energy Corp was founded in Grande Prairie, AB and quickly expanded service across Alberta and B.C. We now provide turnkey commercial and residential solar PV solutions to all of Western Canada.

Our long term vision for Empower Energy is to have an employee owned company that can empower people worldwide.

While our focus in business is solar, our passion is people. We have a desire to positively impact as many lives as possible.

At Empower Energy™ we really do believe that we are different than the mainstream business.

  •  We’re not just in business for personal gain; we’re in this to “empower” others.
  •  Our integrity means everything to us.
  •  We are dedicated to working with others to provide a quality solution to their specific needs, even if this requires projects to be completed outside of the usual scope.

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Empower Energy Corp remains committed to the highest level of safety.

  •  Employees have completed Solar Energy International training and have previous solar installation experience.
  •  We are a proud member of the Solar Energy Society of Alberta (SESA)
  •  We are a proud member of the British Columbia Sustainable Energy Association (BCSEA)
  •  We are a member of the Canadian Solar Industries Association (CanSIA)
  •  We have an up-to-date federal safety program
  •  We carry $5,000,000 CGL insurance
  •  Empower Energy Corp is registered and in good standing with WorkSafeBC
  •  Empower Energy Corp is registered and in good standing with WCB AB and has been awarded a COR