I just moved into a nice new home and discovered it was wired for an electric car.  I thought this was pretty cool as I never owned a home with a car charger in the garage.  My good friend just bought a fully electric car and had the outlet installed in his garage, too.  I started thinking about what it would be like to own an electric vehicle myself.  I test drove my friend’s car; it was really cool.  The technology is pretty sweet, and the performance was far better than expected.  I have to say it got me thinking of owning an electric car.  My wife recently said she wants to get a new vehicle as well and now I am thinking maybe we get an EV for her and still use the gas-powered car I have for long distances?

Clean Energy Garage

Not only does my garage have an EV car plug, but it also got a nice clear coat finish on the floor.  I have to say, I have a sweet garage.  It’s the only room in the house I get to decorate, so when we moved in, I started getting it organized the way I like it.  Garage cabinets, overhead shelves, workbench, beer fridge, led lights, etc. While I don’t have a shed, all the power tools are being stored in the garage.  I started looking at the old lawnmower and the oil leaking from it, then I could smell the gasoline from the jerry can in the garage.

After looking at EV cars, I decided to make the switch to an electric lawnmower.  Along with it came the electric grass trimmer and leaf blower.  I picked up the all-in-one battery system from EGO.  I wasn’t sure at first, but after a few cuts and trims, I was hooked on the electric version. This particular company now has battery-powered chain saws, snowblowers, and most recently a zero-turn riding mower. Again, this stuff is pretty cool – no fuel, oil, leaks, smell; it’s all instant power, and it’s super clean!  My man cave is starting to look pretty good and it’s cleaner than ever with all the electric power equipment. It was at this time I started looking into better wall storage for my home.

Natural Progression

Tesla makes a wall mount battery that runs on solar panels.  I mean, isn’t this the natural progression?

Solar panels?  I guess it would be a shame to have all this electric battery power that’s all nice and clean when a coal-fired generator provided the power.  I used to be old school and thought gas and oil were going to run our world forever, but I have to say even I am starting to see and be the change to clean energy and solar.

As I research more about solar panels and solar energy, it has come a long way lately.  Did you know there is an Alberta solar calculator?  It will calculate, based on square footage, how much solar you need to run your home, and you can always get your free quote from us.

The time to pay off a system is shorter than ever, and for me, it’s not just about the cost anymore.  For me, it’s starting to become about doing the right thing.  I love hiking in the mountains, I love to explore nature and I guess I should start doing my part to preserve that nature.  I’ll be installing solar panels on my home in the very near future.  I also decided what I am going to do with my savings, I am getting an electric bicycle.  If you thought the battery-powered lawn mower is cool, wait till you try an electric bike.  My wife calls these “magic carpets”!


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