How Does Working with Solar Energy Companies Benefit You?

Everywhere you go, you see more and more solar panels these days. Why do so many people choose to work with a solar energy company for their home or business power? There must be benefits, as this trend is only growing. So what are those benefits, and how do they make solar power the right choice for you?

The Benefits of Solar Power Contractors

Easy Installation and Warrantied Service

 If you choose to start using solar power, working with a solar energy service provider makes the whole process easier. Utility companies require proper permits before installation even begins. To know what type of solar system to install, you also must have a knowledge base of solar panel types and electric energy usage. Of course, installation safety and fire prevention rely on having construction and electrical wiring skills. Obviously, all of these requirements make going with professionals much more straightforward than attempting to do it yourself. On top of a seamless installation process, an excellent solar energy company provides warranties, too.

Reduced Global Warming

 We all must do our part to reduce global warming. By choosing to work with a solar energy service provider, you start doing your part. Your choice to invest in solar energy will better the future of our planet for the next generation. Plus, you will help reduce the impact of human consumption on natural habitats in industrialized nations like the U.S. and Canada. Solar energy produces little to no global warming emissions. 

Better Health

 Traditional electricity production produces air and water pollution. These systems can face issues keeping up with electrical demand and the air and water pollution they create causes many health problems in the general population. The health effects include breathing problems, heart attacks, premature death, cancer, neurological damage and other severe health conditions. According to one Harvard University, coal alone causes $74.6 billion in health effects costs each year. On the contrary, solar energy and other renewable energy sources do not create this type of pollution.

Renewable Energy Source

 Solar power is a renewable energy source. It is infinite, continually producing, and there is no limit to its supply. This fact means that investing in the system will only give you an earlier start to the process, and you will better prepare yourself for a time when solar energy is the standard, and not the exception.

Price Stability

 If you want affordable electricity at a stable price, there is no better option than solar power. Working with a solar energy company provides you with a turnkey installation that benefits your household energy costs for decades to come. Even better, solar energy installation costs dropped 70 percent from 2010 to 2017. To the contrary, fossil fuel prices swing widely, and their costs will continue to rise.


 Solar power does not fail as frequently as utility distributed electricity when correctly managed. Even severe weather does not affect electrical power generated by a hybrid solar energy system with a battery backup. As an example, people relying on renewable energy in the Northeastern part of the U.S, after Hurricane Sandy, suffered little to no power disruption during or after the storm. But those on an electrical utility grid using fossil fuel-dominated power suffered outages for extended periods. The more people use solar energy, the more reliable these systems become.

 Power plants running on non-renewable energy experience difficulties in energy production during severe heatwaves and droughts, as well. But solar power systems can remain operational in environmental conditions that shut down fossil fuel-powered plants. Since we face ever-increasing numbers of severe storms, droughts, heatwaves and wildfires, relying on clean energies like solar power enable people to avoid large-scale electrical outages.

Just the Beginning for Solar Energy

The Best of Solar Power Is Yet to Come

 With each passing day, solar energy use and the technologies supporting it improve. It is easier today than ever before to transform your energy footprint using solar power at home and in your commercial environment. Working with a knowledgeable and experienced solar power company enables you to take advantage of clean, renewable energy quickly, cost-effectively and efficiently.

Empower Energy Corp is here to provide people in Western Canada with top-tier solar PV solutions. Having installed over 1.3 million watts of solar power, our reputation speaks for itself. Contact our solar power company today at 1 (780) 532-3610 in Alberta and (250) 718-7282 in British Columbia.

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