Off-Grid Solar Systems

How Do Off-Grid Solar Systems Work?

Unlike solar grid-tie systems, which rely on utility resources, off-grid solar PV systems work independently of the utility grid. They are designed to generate enough energy to meet a property’s consumption or to reduce reliance on fossil fuel generators, with any remaining energy stored in batteries for future use. Off-grid systems are ideal for remote sites and sites with low consumption.

Roof Mount

Solar racking is mounted directly to the roof. This system is ideal for buildings with good exposure to the sun with few obstructions and little shading. The roofing substrate should be in good condition prior to installing solar.

Ground Mount

Ideal for larger energy needs, ground-mounted systems can be positioned to maximize your solar energy generation.

Benefits of Off-Grid Solar Systems

Become completely self-sustaining and eliminate your reliance on the utility grid. In addition to generating your own renewable energy for your property, there are other advantages to off-grid solar systems. Not only will you no longer have monthly power bills, but you can also reduce your carbon footprint as solar energy produces 85% less CO2 than electricity produced by coal.

Our Process

No Obligation Info Session
Contact us for more information about our prices and to learn more about solar energy. To provide you with an accurate quote, we will need a copy of your current electrical bill. Our team will then provide a preliminary design, pricing and info package based on historical energy consumption and satellite imagery of your site.
Confirm Project Details
Once you approve the package, we will schedule an appointment for a site visit to confirm details such as the roof condition and surrounding shade and obstructions. We will also review all existing electrical systems and the transformer size. We will confirm the pricing and provide a purchasing agreement for you to sign.
Approvals & Permitting
If your package includes a grid-tied solar system, we will apply for electrical grid interconnection on your behalf. We will also submit permit applications and engineering applications, if applicable, before ordering your products and components. Together, we will schedule a date for the installation.
Install & Commission
Leave it to us to install and commission your solar PV system. Our team of qualified installers and electricians performs the installation efficiently and professionally. The AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) and WSP (Wires Service Provider) complete the system inspection, if applicable, and the system is energized upon approval of the inspection.

Off-Grid Solar Systems from Empower Energy

At Empower Energy, our qualified team can install high-standard off-grid solar systems for both residential and commercial properties while meeting provincial regulations and codes. With access to high-quality components from market-leading solar brands, you can rest easy knowing your off-grid system from Empower Energy has your back.

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