Solar Energy Recharges EV’s

Renewable solar energy on our homes is how we are going to recharge our new electric vehicles!

Last week, all the major vehicle companies announced that they will produce only electric cars by 2030. This proves that car manufactures are adapting to demands for clean and renewable energy. We need to think in new ways too, and solar energy fits that bill.

How will we supply these electric vehicles with energy?

More electric cars will cause higher demand on our electricity providers. In other words, that increased electricity demand comes at a cost. Charging our new vehicle in the driveway will require a lot of energy.

Moreover, if I were to purchase an electric vehicle, would I still rely on electricity generated by fossil fuels to charge it? It’s difficult to conceive a world where we don’t rely on fossil fuels.

An environmentally-friendly vehicle needs power.  However, you get to decide where to get that power!  Solar is a renewable energy solution that can silently provide power to your home and car when the Sun is shining.

A reduction of GHG’s and the effects of climate change is every government’s priority. More recently, consumers are following suit. Solar energy is a great fit to fill this need. It may currently be less familiar than wind, hydro, or coal, but it is a clean energy source and a reliable and renewable form of power. Solar is a simple and scalable solution.

Solar power technology improves every year. In addition, people have been using solar energy in various applications for decades. Solar power is now becoming a part of everyday life. More and more people are using it to power their homes or businesses.

Solar Power on New Builds

Imagine moving into a new subdivision with every home powered by solar panels? The impression on you would be instant. You would likely recognize the added value and appeal of generating your own electricity. The purchase price would already include the solar panel cost. If you are not in the market for a new home, imagine if you chose solar panels as your next home renovation? The attitudes on clean energy are changing and energy consumption and its cost to the environment are becoming the primary concerns of the majority. Roof-mounted grid-tied solar is the perfect solution to provide power to your home as well as to that shiny new EV in your garage.

 Empower Energy Corp. provides top-tier solar PV solutions in Western Canada. Having installed millions of watts of solar power, our reputation speaks for itself. Please contact our solar power company today! Call us at 1 (780) 532-3610 for Alberta and (250) 718-7282 for British Columbia.

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