Solar in Medicine Hat

Do you live in or near Medicine Hat, AB and have interest in solar PV? Empower Energy Corp. is your premium solar contractor providing residential, commercial, institutional, Indigenous, and municipal solar solutions in the area.

With over 2.5 million watts of solar installed across Alberta and British Columbia, our reputation for quality and value speaks for itself.

Empower Energy Corp. is a leading solar company on a mission to create positive change for people and the environment. Our employee-owned company ensures premium service and quality to our customers.

Our team is experienced in providing turn-key solar from feasibility and design through to construction and commissioning.

We do not strive to offer the cheapest photovoltaic solar solutions, but rather focus on providing high quality equipment and premium quality and services that will ensure your investment is secure for the next 25 years and beyond.

Solar in Medicine Hat, AB

Medicine Hat has some of the highest solar PV potential in Canada! 1 kW of solar here can produce up to 1,500 kWh of energy annually.

An average Alberta home consumes 7,200 kWh per year which can be produced in Medicine Hat with a 4.8 kW solar array at an 8/12 pitch to the South.

Curious what solar costs? A 4.8 kW grid tied and roof mounted solar system is around $13,500 installed.

Grid-tied solar does not require batteries. Instead, the solar will overproduce on sunny days and the extra energy is exported to the grid. You will receive a credit on your electricity bill for this exported energy at the same rate that you pay when you buy energy from your retailer.

Solar can provide a healthy return on investment over its 25 year warranty period and can also increase the value of your home.

Medicine Hat has a solar rebate for residential customers that will help your system pay back even faster.

We often hear people talking about the solar plant in Medicine Hat that was recently decommissioned. That plant was solar thermal, not a solar PV facility and is different than the solar that is now overtaking our province in a storm.

Speaking of storms. Did you know that Empower Energy Corp. ensures that all the solar modules we supply are tested to withstand a minimum of 2” hail at a speed of 82 km/h? You can check out a video of a manufacturer demonstrating a hail test on our website.

When our team designs a solar PV system, we take historical snow cover into consideration to ensure our solar generation numbers are accurate without you ever having to clear snow off your solar panels. In Western Canada snow makes less than 5% impact on the annual energy production of your system. Your exported energy and credits in summer make up for this impact in winter.

We often joke with people that say solar does not work because of snow. Not only do we size the solar to account for snow cover, we size it to account for nights and cloudy days too!

Off Grid Solar

Empower Energy Corp. also provides battery-based grid backup and off grid solar systems. Off grid solar is typically a good fit for people looking to live an “off grid” lifestyle or for remote sites where it is expensive to bring in grid power.

To take an average modern home off-grid without changing appliances to propane and reducing the homes electricity consumption is typically around $80,000- $100,000 while this same home would cost less than $20,000 for grid-tied solar. This is not to say off grid solar does not have its place. People just need to be aware of when it is a good fit.

Our team has also installed close to a megawatt of grid-tied battery backup systems in Alberta and BC. Solar with battery backup is a great solution in areas that often experience grid outages. In some cases our customers are looking for a backup system that is large enough that they could live without the grid for an extended period of time if we had unexpected outages like the USA has seen in some states recently.

Our team is experienced with many different battery technologies including lithium, flooded acid, and AGM.

A lithium battery backup system with 10 kWh of energy storage is typically in the area of $15,000 installed. These systems can be installed with or without solar. The benefit of integrating solar is that it can continue to charge your batteries during the day if you experience a multi-day grid outage.

Terry Whitfield is our Regional Manager in Medicine Hat and he would be happy to get started on a solar proposal for your home or business!

Contact him today at 403 548 5421 or email

Empower Energy Corp. provides top-tier solar PV solutions in Western Canada. Having installed millions of watts of solar power, our reputation speaks for itself. Please contact our solar power company today! Ready for your solar quote? Fill out our simple quote request form on our website for your free, no obligation proposal.

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