The Advantages & Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar power is a great alternative to traditional power sources because of its lower environmental footprint, return on investment, lower maintenance, the secured long-term cost of the energy, and more. In fact, according to a CBC News Poll, 79% of Albertans already think the province should transition toward renewable energy, including solar power. 

Likewise, in an Angus Reid poll, 63% of Canadians say renewable energy is a “huge opportunity’ for Canada, and most (52%) would like their province to invest in renewable energy over non-renewables. Combined with similar polls stating Canadians believe there should be a transition away from oil and gas industries, the evidence strongly suggests that people are looking to solar power companies to take advantage of the trend, and many appear to be answering the call.

However, everything related to solar energy can’t be positive, and there are important considerations to make when choosing to “go solar”.

Disadvantages of Solar Power

Intermittent Power

Systems installed by a solar power company function great during sunny days and summer months, but they have difficulty producing the same level of power during rainy days and the winter months. Also, a realistic aspect of solar power generation is that it is dependent on an AC source of power. This means that the energy needs to be connected to the grid or collected and stored for use during the evening. The most common way to do this is with batteries.


These batteries can add a substantial amount to the cost of a solar energy system, require occasional maintenance, and finding a place to store them safely requires dedicated space in the home. Speaking of which:

Required Space

The space required for solar energy systems is an important consideration. Does your home have adequate roof space to install the solar panels? Is it free of obstructions like vent stacks or shade from nearby trees? Is it oriented South-facing for maximum efficiency?

If the roof is not suitable for installing panels a ground-mounted system is still possible. However, you have to check if your local bylaws permit them. Ground-mounted systems are also more expensive to install as the wiring has to be trenched underground. Security fencing may be required as well.

These are all questions your solar power company will check in order to design the best system for your needs.

Advantages of Solar Energy

Environmental Longevity

Easily the most common argument for solar energy, environmental longevity is a key advantage of solar energy systems. With a low cost to produce, a long life cycle (solar panels come with a 25-year performance guarantee), and the reduction of environmentally-harmful practices like fracking and deep-well drilling, solar energy will be key to reducing the consumption of fossil fuels by humans across the globe. 

Furthermore, because the energy is renewable, there is no reduction in the availability of this energy resource, and it produces no pollution in operation. This means that it will be available for everyone for a long time to come.

Low Maintenance

Another advantage of solar energy is the low cost of maintenance. After the system is installed, it mostly runs itself. There is no noise and no moving parts. Some weather events may make it necessary to clean off the panels, but often they are installed in such a way that even this is reduced to a manageable level. 

This is a great boon for solar farms and residential systems alike. 

Economic Opportunity

Finally, the last benefit of solar energy is that it produces economic opportunities. Not only does it produce jobs for people working in the solar industry, but it also allows users to reinvest in their province by utilizing government rebate programs. 

Empower Energy Corp is here to provide people in Western Canada with top-tier solar PV solutions. Having installed over 1.3 million watts of solar power, our reputation speaks for itself. Contact our solar power company today at 1 (780) 532-3610 in Alberta and (250) 718-7282 in British Columbia.

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