Upgrade to a Solar Powered Home

Installing a solar energy system is at the top of my list as my next home renovation priority.

Home Improvements That Add Value

Like so many, I’ve been through my fair share of kitchen and bath renos. Who doesn’t become motivated by Home Improvement shows on TV? Or become inspired by the latest home style pop-up on Pinterest? The experts make it look so easy!

Value for Your Dollar

In reality, home renovations can be expensive, complicated and time consuming. As a result, I’m beginning to question my home reno priorities.

I want my home improvements to save me money, earn a significant return on my investment, be eco-friendly, and turn me into a prosumer!

Did you know solar panel costs have dropped significantly over the last ten years? No matter how much I spend onhaving those sparkling kitchen counters or snazzy bathroom wall tiles installed, the truth is, sooner than later they will be outdated. On the other hand, solar panels will hold a lifetime value of 25 or more years. Better yet, they  actually pay for themselves by replacing a utility expense with free energy from the sun and saving me money.

Solar panel purchase and installation costs have long confused people. It is a somewhat complicated technology, and many do not understand it, nor do they have experience with it. For this reason, I think it deters many from updating their home energy structure. Consider a major kitchen remodeling might cost $30,000. Unfortunately, once you pay off the reno costs you don’t get that money back. Yes, you have an updated kitchen and some added value to you home, but does that reno ever actually pay for itself? In contrast, a solar panel installation will pay for itself over the long term by reducing your electricity bill. And you will see the financial benefit sooner than you think as utility rates continually rise.

Why Upgrade to Solar?

According to The Eco Experts, solar panels professionally installed on a house is a draw to homebuyers.  In fact, home buyers will pay a premium on a house that has a solar PV energy system installed because they value energy efficient features and the potential for lower energy bills. Not to mention reducing your eco-footprint. Additionally, solar panels will allow people to become more self-sufficient long term. Energy prices are sure to increase. So too will our demand. Think about the increased energy costs when electric vehicles are all we drive.

In terms of adding value, solar panels are a worthwhile investment. By generating my own electricity, I can take control of my utility bill. My future home improvements will include a solar PV energy system. Solar panel installation should be on your home renovation horizon, too.

Empower Energy Corp. provides top-tier solar PV solutions in Western Canada. Having installed millions of watts of solar power, our reputation speaks for itself. Please contact our solar power company today! Call us at 1 (780) 532-3610 for Alberta and (250) 718-7282 for British Columbia.

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